Engaged Mass. Couple Shoveling Driveways to Help Pay for Their Wedding

Malayna Johnson and Michael Knox are hoping to turn a lot of white into a lot more green

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A Massachusetts couple is looking for cold hard cash to save for their future wedding, and they found a creative way to do it this winter.

Knowing they didn't want to dig themselves into a financial hole, Malayna Johnson and her fiancé Michael Knox were out shoveling this weekend, using the fierce storm as a springboard to savings

"Looking to make a few extra bucks to do some shovelings," Johnson said.

"I just keep thinking, that's one drink, that's two drinks, that's three drinks," Knox added with a laugh.

The Framingham couple met six years ago and has worked jobs here and there -- from Uber to Instacart -- to make money.

Knox, who is from England, is not used to this much snow, but with a potentially historic blizzard in the forecast, the two posted on Facebook.

"The snow storm is a coming! My fiancé and I are trying to make some extra moulah to save for our wedding so we are offering to shovel drive ways again this storm!," Johnson's post read. "$50 a drive! We will come do your driveway, walkway and steps! As well as salt!"

As the snow piled up in the Needham area, so did the requests for help.

"There is sometimes we get halfway through and I'm like, 'oh my gosh what did I get myself into?'," Johnson said. "And then we keep talking, and we're like, okay, let's talk about the wedding stuff, let's talk about what do we need."

Adam and Sally Irujo refused to let the snow stop them from getting married on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. The couple had been planning for 14 months, and the date was important. When they received news of a potentially historic blizzard hitting the region, they said "snow" problem. Snow was falling as they exchanged vows outside the Providence Public Library.

On Sunday, the pair stopped by Jean Higgins house, and as they moved snow, Higgins couldn't help but be moved, too.

"They are just starting out their lives, and my husband and I have been married 44 years, we have never shoveled together," Higgins said, "so I'm very inspired by them."

Wedding planning is on ice for now, with driveways to conquer. This couple is turning a winter chore into a chance to start the next chapter of their lives on firm ground.

"It has been a very difficult long journey for us, so, this is kind of like that celebration of everything we have gone through," Johnson added.

The couple hopes to see a lot more snow in the days and weeks ahead, hoping to turn a lot of white into a lot more green.

The National Weather Service reported that Stoughton received the most snow in Massachusetts.
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