Erbaluce in Boston’s Bay Village Is Planning to Close at the End of the Year

by Marc Hurwitz

It looks like a beloved Boston restaurant that features Italian food could be closing at the end of the year.

Boston Magazine is reporting that Erbaluce in Bay Village is making plans to shut down after dinner service on New Year's Eve, as the building in which it resides is being slated for redevelopment with condos coming to the space. The article mentions that it had initially looked like the restaurant could possibly move back in after a few months as construction finished on the ground floor and moved onto the floors above, but with the plans now looking like it likely would not be able to reopen for at least a year, chef-owner Charles Draghi has decided against staying in the space while also saying that "we're looking for maybe another space to operate and all that. But the rents are just ridiculous, and there's no way we can afford half a million bucks for a new liquor license." Draghi refers to the fact that he and his partner Joan Johnson would need a new license because their restricted beer and wine license is owned by the city and is not transferable to a new space. The article says that Draghi might eventually look into opening a new restaurant in another community or possibly a cafe in the block where Erbaluce currently resides, but he says that "Right now, the way it looks is we're going to have to close, and figure it out from there."

Erbaluce first opened in 2008, taking over the space where another restaurant called Dedo used to be; the restaurant is known for its seasonal Northern Italian fare.

The address for Erbaluce is 69 Church Street, Boston, MA, 02116. The website for the dining spot can be found at

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