Everett Teen Recovering After Being Shot on Vacation With Family in Canada

A drive-by shooting in Canada left 14-year-old Sandrick Jorcelin of Everett, Massachusetts, seriously injured

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A Massachusetts teenager is recovering after he injured in a drive-by shooting while on vacation with his family in Canada.

Sandrick Jorcelin of Everett is in the 8th grade at Pioneer Charter School. His family says they went to Montreal to visit relatives over the weekend when the car some of them were riding in was hit by a spray of bullets.

"We were just laughing and listening to music, and the next thing you know, I hear 'Boom, boom, boom,'" said his mom, Sandia Jorcelin.

His mom was grazed by a bullet during the shooting. His uncle was killed. Sandrick was hit in the stomach, and one of the bullets is still lodged in his body.

A teenager from Everett was injured in a drive-by shooting while his family was visiting relatives in Canada.

"He doesn't understand why that happened to him, but it's going to be a long road to recovery," said his dad, Ricardo Jorcelin.

Thanks to money from an online fundraiser, the family was able to fly back home to Massachusetts Thursday. Sandrick will continue his care at Massachusetts General Hospital, and his friends say the support will continue, too.

His teammates in the Mass Elite basketball program put together a get well video for him. They are also in the process of planning events to raise funds for his care.

"I hope all of our families rally together and realize this is a 14-year-old kid that needs help," Eric Polli of Mass Elite said. "His family needs help, and we want to be his support system."

Sandrick's family says basketball is never far from his mind. One of the first things he asked about when he got out of surgery was how the Celtics are doing. They said seeing the Celtics win would lift his spirits.

"I hope they win for him," Ricardo Jorcelin said.

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