Everett Teen Released From Spaulding Months After Being Shot in Canada

A May drive-by shooting in Canada left 14-year-old Sandrick Jorcelin of Everett, Massachusetts, seriously injured

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A Massachusetts teenager who was injured in a drive-by shooting while vacationing with his family in Canada is out of the hospital.

Sandrick Jorcelin and his Everett family went to Montreal to visit relatives in May when the car some of them were riding in was hit by a spray of bullets.

His mom was grazed by a bullet during the shooting. His uncle was killed. Sandrick was hit in the stomach, and one of the bullets is still lodged in his body.

A 14-year-old from Everett is recovering after being shot in Canada while on vacation with his family.

On Wednesday, he finally got to go home from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

"He's about to do a lot of things, and eventually, he will walk again," said his father, Ricardo Jorcelin. "We want to thank everyone for their support, prayers."

"Anything you want to do, you can do it in life," said Sandrick.

Members of the Tewksbury Police Department and Massachusetts State Police showed their support for the family, providing an escort from the hospital.

A teenager from Everett was injured in a drive-by shooting while his family was visiting relatives in Canada.
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