Excited Red Sox Fans Arrive at Fenway Park Before Sun Comes Up

The 107th Red Sox home opener is expected to draw many excited New England area fans, and two of those fans were the first to arrive at Fenway Park before the sun even came up on Thursday.

Mike Columbere, of Manchester, New Hampshire, and Glenn Reynolds, Quincy, Massachusetts, were outside at 4 a.m.

Columbere said he began the home opener tradition 18 years ago and still has fun.

"It started with a bunch of us one morning waking up going, 'Hey, you guys wanna camp out tonight?'" he said. "Thankfully I have a very understanding wife."

Reynolds, who brings a homemade sign every year, agreed that he enjoys the tradition.

"I enjoy doing it. I have a couple of veterans players down there," Reynolds said, pointing to the pictures on his poster. "I have David Ortiz, I have Chis Sale... he’s smiling, he’s not cold, he’s in a short-sleeved shirt."

Although ticket prices have gone up six times in the last 10 years, Reynolds said he didn't mind paying the price.

"Things have changed through the years and the players gotta have the nice cars. Big budget thing, you know," he said.

The Sox play Tampa Bay at 2:05 p.m. The park is expected to open to fans a couple hours in advance.

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