New York City

Lasers Strike 2 Planes Landing at Boston Logan Airport Thursday Night

High-powered lasers can be very dangerous for airline pilots and their passengers, according to the FAA

Two flights landing at Boston Logan International Airport were flashed with green lasers Thursday night, according to federal airplane authorities.

A JetBlue flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and a NetJets private jet coming from the New York City area both reported a green laser lighting up the aircraft about 20 miles southeast of Logan, according to the FAA.

Two calls about laser strikes on airplanes were also made to Massachusetts State Police, the agency said.

Both flights landed safely at 11:10 and 11:15 p.m., with no one aboard injured, the FAA said, but lasers can be very dangerous for airline pilots and their passengers.

"Many high-powered lasers can completely incapacitate pilots who are trying to fly safely to their destinations and may be carrying hundreds of passengers," the FAA writes on its website.

The FAA has found a major increase in laser strikes on aircraft since it began tracking them in 2010, with 6,754 reports in 2017, the most recent year available.

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