Fall-Like Feel Interrupted by Developing Storms, Wet Commute Home

The cool temps we've been feeling through the weekend will be interrupted by some showers and upcoming humidity.

Monday morning begins with another crisp start to the day as light sprinkles move in south before storms develop. After a dry morning commute, lunchtime finds showers starting to drift in and by the evening drive, a steady rain should blanket New England.

Periodic rain will continue through Monday night, breaking into scattered showers and thunder Tuesday with some sun and spiking humidity.

By Wednesday, just a few showers will linger from time to time.

As we get deeper into the week, temperatures will drop a bit, but not as cool as our recent stretch, with highs in the 70s to near 80.

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Of course, all eyes are on Florence and its landfall in the Carolinas as what’s expected to be a major, damaging hurricane. However, New England should not worry about a direct impact as the storm will slow and nearly stall over the Carolinas later this week. No rain is expected to drift as far north as New England until sometime early next week.

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