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‘Fallen Seven' Who Died in Tragic NH Crash Remembered, 1 Year On

One year has passed since seven people were killed in a crash in New Hampshire

Sunday marked one year since seven people died in a collision with a pickup truck in New Hampshire.

The accident involved several motorcyclists and a truck, in what onlookers described as a “devastating scene.” 

The motorcyclists who died were members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, a New England group that includes Marines and their spouses. The victims were from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

A memorial service honoring the seven people who were killed in a car crash in New Hampshire will be held Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

On Thursday, Gov. Chris Sununu, called on residents to remember the victims, who he called the "Fallen Seven."

"It was a real tragedy. It brought a lot of people together, but it really was a tragedy and I would just ask that we all remember these 'Fallen Seven," he said. "We lost a lot of our heroes that day."

The victims of the crash were: 

  • Michael Ferazzi, 62
  • Albert Mazza, 49
  • Daniel Pereira, 58
  • Desma Oakes, 42
  • Aaron Perry, 45
  • Joanne and Edward Corr, 58

The driver of a truck involved in the crash, was charged and found to have had fentanyl, morphine and a chemical found in cocaine in his system that day. He told authorities he often would take drugs before starting work, prosecutors said in a document made public in April.

Nearly 4,000 New Hampshire drivers will have their licenses suspended after a review of the Division of Motor Vehicles which was sparked by a deadly motorcycle crash in June.

The morning of the crash, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, consumed two baggies of heroin and half a gram of cocaine, prosecutors wrote in a motion objecting to Zhukovskyy's request for a bail hearing.

Prior to the crash, Connecticut officials alerted Massachusetts twice about the drunken driving arrest against Zhukovskyy, but Massachusetts failed to act to suspend his license.

Zhukovskyy was indicted on 23 charges for various counts of reckless manslaughter, DUI negligent homicide, aggravated DWI and reckless conduct.

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