Falmouth Community in Shock Following Shooting of 2 Officers

Falmouth officers Ryan Moore and Donald DeMiranda had each been honored this year for outstanding law enforcement work

What to Know

  • Police officers Ryan Moore and Donald DeMiranda were shot Friday while responding to a disturbance call on Ashley Drive in East Falmouth.
  • Moore and DeMiranda had each received the department's “Officer of the Month” award for outstanding law enforcement work.
  • Both Moore and DeMiranda are expected to be OK.

The shooting of two Falmouth, Massachusetts police officers on Friday has left a community in shock. 

Neighbors on Ashley Drive, where the shooting happened around 5:25 p.m. Friday, are still trying to process what happened as Falmouth police officers Donald DeMiranda and Ryan Moore recover from their gunshot wounds.

"We’re happy to hear the officers survived. Thank God,” said Lisa Perrin, who lives on Ashley Drive. “It’s just tragic.”

Both Moore and DeMiranda had been honored this year with the department’s “Officer of the Month” award, an honor given for “outstanding law enforcement work.”

DeMiranda, who joined the force three years ago, received the honor twice in as many years.

Moore received the honor in January.

DeMiranda lives with his family and is always willing to help out anyone, according to a neighbor.

Falmouth Police Chief Edward Dunne said although he is thankful both officers will be okay physically, he’s concerned about the psychological impact the shooting will have on them.

"You know this is happening way too much," Dunne said. "We’ve gotta return back to a time when police officers are respected and it's not okay to shoot a police officer."

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