Court Hearing Reveals New Details About Falmouth Police Shooting

Officers Donald DeMiranda and Ryan Moore were shot when they responded to a disturbance in the streets in Falmouth, Massachusetts

What to Know

  • Officers Ryan Moore and Donald DeMiranda were shot Friday while responding to a disturbance call in East Falmouth; both expected to be OK.
  • Accused gunman Malik Koval shot several times after allegedly shooting Moore and DeMiranda; he's still in the hospital.
  • Kimberly Koval, 38, and Marcus Maseda, 18, were charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the shooting.

The mother and brother of a man charged with shooting two Falmouth police officers appeared in court Monday.

Kimberly Koval, 38, and Marcus Maseda, 18, were charged with assault and battery on a police officer, intimidation of a witness/police officer and interfering with the duties of a police officer for a shooting on Friday.

More than a dozen officers, including Falmouth Police Chief Edward Dunne, attended Monday's arraignment.

Police said they received a call at 5:25 p.m. Friday for a disturbance in the street in the area of Seacoast Shores Boulevard. Upon arrival, officers saw 21-year-old Malik Koval breaking bottles in the street. The suspect ran inside a home at 2 Ashley Drive after officials attempted to engage him.

Kimberly Koval and Maseda allegedly attempted to interfere with the officers’ efforts to follow the suspect, prompting their arrest.

"Prior to the officer shooting, Koval and Meseda had attacked one of the officers, jumping on his back, struggling with him in the front yard and these actions hindered and obstructed the police in the performance of their duty," said Assistant District Attorney Jessica Crocker.

Dunne said Koval retrieved a gun from the house and allegedly opened fire on officers Donald DeMiranda and Ryan Moore.

Defense attorney Jens Bahrawy argued Koval was actually trying to help police get the situation under control.

"She heard shots fired inside the house, she saw Malik running out and she went and she actually tackled Malik to the ground, held him there until the police officers came and dealt with him," Bahrawy said. "Close by was this firearm and she actually pushed it and kicked away from all the parties involved."

Dunne said Koval and Meseda’s actions were anything but helpful.

"When you start grabbing a police officer who's trying to do his job, it puts them in danger," said Dunne.

DeMiranda suffered a shoulder wound. His vest stopped a second shot. He was scheduled to undergo surgery on his shoulder on Monday.

Moore was grazed in the neck area by a bullet. He was released from the hospital on Friday and is said to be doing OK.

Malik Koval was struck several times after police returned fire. He was taken via helicopter to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in stable condition. He remains in custody at the hospital and is scheduled to be arraigned at 11 a.m. Tuesday. It is unclear if he has an attorney.

Kimberly Koval and Maseda had their bail set at $7,500 following Monday's hearing and were led away in handcuffs. They are scheduled to return to court on Aug. 22.

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