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Family Members Sound Off on Police Shooting

Officials say Friday wasn't the first time they had contact with Santos Laboy, the 45-year-old man fatally shot by police

Details about the past of the Boston-area man fatally shot by police Friday are coming to light. Massachusetts State Police say 45-year-old Santos Laboy of Somerville, Massachusetts, had prior stand-offs with police on busy city streets.

Laboy's family say they wish they could have helped him, including a cousin who said Santos had been homeless and spent time in jail.

Laboy was wanted on outstanding warrants.

"Police departments in this particular area were well aware of who this individual was and the fact that he frequented the esplanade area," said Col. Timothy Alben.

Troopers say when he was approached by police, Laboy ran, then pulled out a knife.

"A Trooper ordered him to put down the weapon he was brandishing, he did not," said Col. Timothy Alben.

Laboy was shot and killed.

Workers at a nearby laundromat say Laboy had been harassing them for months.

"He would send them explicit pictures he also he calls a lot and he says very vulgar things," said Divanny Gonzalez, employee, Laundry Basket.

Laboy was also arrested in 2009 after waving a samurai sword on Huntington Avenue. Police say Laboy tried to bait Police into shooting him.

Officers were able to use a shotgun with non-lethal projectiles to get Laboy to drop the sword.

The Suffolk County District Attorney says an investigation is underway to determine whether lethal force was necessary in Friday's shooting. 

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