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Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall Kicks Off Boston Pride Week

Faneuil Hall, a historic marketplace celebrated by the city’s own and it’s many tourists. A landmark the city is prideful of today for more than it’s rich history.

"It’s really nice to see a mesh of the old and the new now," said Miranda Jacobs. "So, to see the gay community finally taking their place in the history of Boston."

The 19th annual Pride Day means different things for different people.

That comfortability is why some have come for years and others like Hillary Gillis visit for their first time.

"It’s a pretty big deal for me," said Gillis. "Having just come out just a couple years ago."

A move she’s proud to have made and can now celebrate.

"It’s really incredible to see everyone coming together from all different backgrounds to celebrate who they are as people."

Sue O’Connell from necn and Colton Bradford from NBC 10 Boston emceed the party.

People pridefully acknowledged new beginnings on some of Boston’s oldest ground.

"People who are trans and gay feel this need to hide who they are and feel ashamed and fed how difficult it is to sort of just live like that," said Phie Jacobs. "It’s great to just be surrounded by people who are acknowledging how fun and great it is."

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