Fans Battle Extreme Heat to Cheer on Red Sox at Fenway Park

The steamy weather at Fenway Park didn't stop Red Sox fans from coming out Wednesday night.

"Absolutely brutal," said Greg Debiase of Medford. "Going to stick it out to see what happens."

Fans had their own game plan to try and beat the heat.

"You know what, I'm going to go in there, probably grab a nice cold beverage," said Connor McCauley of Greenland, New Hampshire.

Even as the sun set, it was still a battle facing off against Mother Nature, the sticky weather and humidity.

"It wasn't that comfortable," said Shreya Mohan of Boston.

A group of friends visiting from Ireland say they've dealt with their own heat issues this summer, but they weren't ready for this.

"We had jackets and jumpers," said John Lasnger. "All ready for September."

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