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Fans React to Antonio Brown's Debut With Patriots

Antonio Brown was not only on the field but, getting the ball over and over.

“I did not think that they would feed him as much as they did,” said Tyler Dejadon of Pelham, New Hampshire. “They happened to feed him a lot, if they keep doing that, we’re going to keep scoring points.

It was the controversial players’ first game as a New England Patriot, his debut coming as the allegations against him off the field are heating up.

“I think he should definitely be playing,” said Laurie Sullivan of Waltham. “I think innocent until proven guilty, and I think he’s doing a great job.”

Brown is facing a civil lawsuit. He’s accused by his former trainer of raping her.

The alleged victim is reportedly set to meet with NFL investigators this week.

Pats fans watching the game at Jake n Joes in Waltham were impressed with Brown’s contributions, but waiting to see what happens with the legal case he’s facing.

“It’s unfortunate that this allegation has come up,” said Sherry Baker of Newton. “Hopefully the NFL will look into it and see if there’s any validity to it. I hope it isn’t true and that he gets to keep playing, he’s a great addition to the team.”

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