Father and Son Charged in Hyde Park Break-in

21-year-old Andre Williams of Hyde Park and 49-year-old Ryan Williams of Dorchester were arraigned Tuesday and posted bail

A father and son have been arrested after police say they broke into the sunroom of a home in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood Monday.

Police arrested 21-year-old Andre Williams of Hyde Park and 49-year-old Ryan Williams of Dorchester. The pair was caught on surveillance camera in front of a home in the Summit Street area, wearing work clothes. Ryan Williams can be seen wearing a flourescent vest, and Andre Williams was even carrying a clipboard. They allegedly claimed to be working for Spark Energy.

“Everyone kind of knows who belongs here and who doesn’t and you can tell when someone’s out of place,” neighbor Dion Augistin said.

Officials say a victim arrived at his home to see the suspects ringing his doorbell. The man stayed in his vehicle and watched as the suspects allegedly went into his enclosed sunroom through a side door.

When the resident approached them and got their attention, police say the suspects asked him for his energy bill information and account number. Police added that the man noticed his garage door was partially open when they were speaking.

After the father and son left, police say they moved on to other homes in the area before officers stopped them and took them into custody.

"I was home and honestly I didn't know anything was going on until my neighbor called to check on me to make sure I was OK because the police cars were all out in front of my house," Cathy Bowen said.

Bowen lives two houses down, and police say the two were heading to her home next. The father and son were arrested in her driveway.

"The next thing I know, they were handcuffing both of the men and putting them back into the two different cruisers," Bowen said.

Spark Energy acknowledged they are aware of the incident. 

"We can confirm that the 49-year-old male named in the police report was conducting sales in the area on behalf of Spark Energy through a third party vendor. He is not a Spark Energy employee," Spark Energy's statement read. "The agent was immediately suspended from our sales programs pending our investigation of the matter."

Both men are charged with breaking and entering of a dwelling during the daytime. They were arraigned Tuesday in West Roxbury District Court and both posted bail. 

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