Fenway Park is Cleaner Than You Thought

The ballpark scored high in Sports Illustrated's 2017 MLB Ballpark Food Safety Rankings

Red Sox fans can take pride in their local team, but the concession stands at their ballpark have also been on top of their game.

Sports Illustrated has released their 2017 MLB Ballpark Food Safety Rankings and Boston’s Fenway Park came in second for the cleanliness of its concession stands.

The magazine inspected 57 concession stands and found only two critical food code violations alongside 30 total violations. Critical citations included a dirty ice machine and a broken dishwasher.

The study took place before the start of the season, but the magazine found that the ballpark had even fewer violations in 2016.

The top ballpark in this study was the Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field with only 5 violations and one critical violation. The dirtiest ballpark at the bottom of the 28 studied was the Tampa Rays’ Tropicana Field with a staggering 105 critical violations within the 241 violations found in the study.

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