Fenway Park

Fenway Park Moves to Become Carbon Neutral

The Boston Red Sox say they have reached a deal to buy offsets from the climate finance company Aspirations to lower the carbon footprint of Fenway Park

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Fenway Park is getting greener as the Red Sox move to make the nation's oldest ballpark carbon neutral.

The Sox confirm they've reached deal with the climate finance company Aspirations to purchase offsets to lower Fenway's carbon footprint.

"A lot of pledges to reduce carbon emissions through what are called offsets are greenwashing," said Cutler Cleveland, a professor at Boston University's Institute of Sustainable Energy.

Cleveland has helped Boston develop strategies to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. He says the Sox are doing good things when it comes to sustainability. But he's still undecided about the offsets.

"We need to see the details. So there needs to be more transparency in whether or not this company that's providing the offsets is doing legitimate work."

The Sox have a number of green initiatives. They've purchase energy certificates to offset Fenway's electric consumption entirely, installed solar panels, diverted tons of recyclable materials and encourage fans to take public transportation.

They've even opened a rooftop garden.

The team says paying for Fenway's carbon offsets will be done through ticket
sales. But despite the new green initiative, the team says current tickets prices remain the same.

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