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A Few More Storms Roll Through Sunday

We start off today with some patchy fog and a good deal of clouds

A round of severe storms rolled through parts of New England last night, bringing lots of lightning, heavy rain and isolated wind damage. A few more storms are likely this afternoon.

We start off today, however, with some patchy fog and a good deal of clouds. Some sun will break through with time, fueling a new round of downpours and storms, particularly around Greater Boston points north and west. The rain risk is lowest on the Cape and Islands, where most of the day will be dry. Expect highs in the 80s.

Monday also starts with fog, before sun again burns through. A cold front will approach later in the day, triggering downpours and storms that will likely move from west to east. It will remain humid and highs will surge to around 90.

Behind the front we should get a little break from the storms on Tuesday, but not the heat and humidity. Highs will stay in the 80s to around 90.

Wednesday and Thursday will bring more occasional downpours and storms, humidity, and highs in the 80s.

A new air mass, with sunshine and lower humidity, likely arrives Friday into next weekend.

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