Fights Break Out at Lawrence High School: 2 Girls Arrested, Staff Member Hurt

Students and parents are speaking out against violence that has been caught on camera at the high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts

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Two girls were arrested after students say five different fights broke out Tuesday at Lawrence High School.

Sources in the Lawrence Police Department told NBC 10 Boston officers responded to the school shortly after 11 a.m. and helped staff break up the fights, with two girls being arrested and one school staff member getting hurt.

"This one girl jumped this other girl at a lunch table. I saw her pull out a shank," said Lawrence High School student Aderlis Carty.

"Just saw a lot of violence, and I feel like Lawrence High should really change that about the school, because hitting a teacher or anything like that, that's not good anywhere," said another student named Yassio.

Parents like Yreny Soto said they found out about this on Facebook. She said she wasn't surprised to learn about the fights.

Lawrence High School is no stranger to fights breaking out. Last month, NBC10 Boston reported on three other altercations.

A fight near Lawrence High School was caught on video; police say it's not clear if high school students were involved, but some students pointed out video of two other fights that circulated on social media in recent weeks.

Soto believes no one is taking ownership over the issue.

"The school says the parents are all the responsibility. No, everybody has a responsibility," she said.

Elizabeth Lavasta believes incidents like these are eclipsing the achievements of students here.

"It's difficult for me to engage in the negativity that has occurred in the high school and continues to occur in the high school, because it has taken away from the students who come here daily and try their best," she argued.

NBC10 Boston tried reaching to Lawrence Public Schools Superintendent Cynthia Paris over the phone, email, at her office and when she dropped by the school Thursday evening, but she did not want to comment.

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