Fire Call Results in Unlikely Stoughton Drug Bust

Stoughton Fire answered a call and found a stash of cocaine and pot, which resulted in police obtaining a search warrant

Authorities uncovered a substantial stash of cocaine and marijuana in an unlikely manner in Stoughton, Massachusetts on Thursday, according to police.

The Stoughton Fire Department received an alarm activation for 55 Rosewood Dr. and in order to address the alarm the water needed to be shut off in 53 Rosewood Dr. After accessing the home through the second-floor window, a member of the Stoughton Fire Department noticed a large quantity of marijuana sitting in the room.

As a result of the Stoughton Fire Department's findings, Stoughton Police and detectives from the Massachusetts State Police applied for and executed a search warrant at 53 Rosewood Dr. The search uncovered more than 85 pounds of marijuana, over 1,000 grams of cocaine, and a spring-loaded knife.

A warrant was issued for Peter Khang, 31, of Stoughton, who has been charged with trafficking in marijuana greater than 50 pounds, trafficking in cocaine greater than 200 grams, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

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