Fire Damages Several Businesses in Dorchester Building

A fire damaged several businesses early Saturday morning at a commercial building in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The fire at 756-762 Adams St. broke out in the basement of the building at 2:34 a.m. and quickly reached 2 alarms.

Boston fire officials said among the 7 business in the one-and-a-half story structure were a restaurant, nail salon, coffee shop and a dentist office.

Firefighters spent several hours on the scene after the fire was contained due to the high levels of carbon monoxide.

Building owner Kenny Blasi was visibly upset after arriving to the scene.

"I'm grateful it didn't burn down," he said. "Our family has owned it since 1959. It was actually our dad's hardware store."

Fire officials said the blaze was self contained but due to the damage, it could be weeks before the businesses are able to reopen.

"They are closed — electric and gas is shut off so they are going to be shut down for a little while," Boston District Fire Chief Douglas Smith said.

No injuries were reported.

Fire officials estimate the damage at $700,000.

The exact cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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