Firefighters Recognized For Helping Injured Skydiving Santa

A man dressed as Santa broke his leg while skydiving, but these firefighters were quick to help

Seven Quincy, Massachusetts firefighters have been honored for their quick work in treating a man dressed as Santa who was injured while skydiving in November.

Mike Burns has been skydiving as Santa for Quincy’s annual Christmas event for decades, but this year his landing was harder than usual due to strong winds, according to the Patriot Ledger.

The force of the landing broke his leg, but luckily the Quincy Fire Department was nearby.

Deputy Chief Jack Cadegan, Capt. Jim Kennedy and firefighters Chris Stivaletta, Steve Chencharik, Steve Sweet, Sean Breslin and Jon O'Driscoll helped stabilize his leg and transport him to the hospital.

They were all awarded the Liberty Mutual’s Firemark Award for their quick response. The Coughlin family of Quincy was also given given a nod for collecting letters of support and Christmas cards for burns.

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