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FIRST ALERT: Get Ready for Temps in the 90s, Potential for Heat Records

Temperatures in New England this weekend could soar all the way to the upper 90s in some areas and we've issued a First Alert for another chance of record-breaking heat

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We’re welcoming the rain on this cloudy and cool afternoon after having our drought monitor update to spread the abnormally dry conditions now over Connecticut, Rhode Island and along the coast of Maine.

Thursday rain will help with deficits across New England

Boston is falling behind in normal precipitation numbers with -1”+ in. departure. It's the same for Portland, Maine, while Hartford, Connecticut is close to -2” of a departure, and plenty of other areas along New England are experiencing similar conditions. Our showers have overall abandoned southern New England but more rain is sweeping over northern New England We’ll continue tracking showers through 9 p.m. in Maine and clouds breaking away into midnight towards tomorrow morning.

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Fog will be forming along our northern communities and bringing visibilities down to a range of 0-3 miles, so take it slow on the roads. Other than that, our temperatures will make an effort to climb to the 70s in Boston to Rochester and straight to the 80s in our inland cities. Our dew points will increase to the 50s tomorrow and up we go to the 60s this weekend.

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Temps in New England could reach the upper 90s this weekend

Those dew points are worth noting as they come alongside temperatures in the upper 90s this weekend. We've issued a First Alert for the potential for another weekend of record-breaking heat. While the thermometer might show 95 in one spot, the humidity may make it feel hotter. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities this weekend and make sure you hydrate constantly whether you're exercising, working, or just sitting in the porch.

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Let’s talk about our temperatures out in the beach this Saturday and Sunday. While our western communities will deal with the upper 90s, our coastal areas will likely watch highs in the upper 80s, near 90 for some- meanwhile, our ocean water temperatures remain in the 50s. Be sure to use the appropriate gear if you’re planning to hop in the water or go out boating this weekend; our bodies may experience hypothermia if we stay in the water under these conditions for too long.

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Sunday night has a cold front pushing in the northwest and marching over our mountains and valleys. This may trigger showers and the chance of storm depending on the timing of this system, something we’ll keep a close eye on during the following days. Temperatures drop to the 70s by Monday and we’ll see another more seasonable week once we dip back into the 60s Wednesday through Thursday.

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