First Alert: Mix of Snow and Showers for Saturday Snow Storm

Highs in the 40s with a mix of snow and rain

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Timing of the storm

We have a First Alert today for a wintry mess moving through all of New England this morning.  All snow northwest and in the mountains, to all rain southeast, and everything in between.

Snow showers have been ongoing overnight in far northern and western New England.  The snow spreads southeast this morning along with the cold air.  We have rain in Boston from mid morning through about 3pm.

A little light mix of snow and rain between 3-5 p.m.  Then around 5-6 p.m. some brief accumulation scattered snow coatings,  drying off after 6 p.m.  Worcester or Fitchburg will see rain until 1p.m. 

Then wet and heavy textured snow after that with around 1-3 inches of snow accumulation there until 8 p.m.  The hills may see around 4 inches of snow.  All precipitation is out of here by 8 p.m. and we turn icy cold.

Snow totals

Boston to interior southeastern New England in totals, around 1 inches of rain then scattered coatings of snow on top.  Around 2 inches of snow across Route 2, southern New Hampshire, Worcester, Hartford. 

Around 3-4 inches in some of the Worcester Hills, around 4-6 inches across western Massachusetts, central New Hampshire, Vermont and interior Maine. 6-12 inches depending on elevation for the northern Green Mountains, White Mountains and northern Maine. 

Wind gusts

Wind will be blowing from a variable direction in southern New England as the low pressure center crosses over Cape Cod in the afternoon.  It’s really not until the low heads across the Gulf of Maine by mid afternoon that our wind swaps direction and increases. 

West, northwest winds will be gusting 30-50 mph.  Higher elevations and the coastline will see the gusts around 50 mph Saturday night through Sunday late morning. 

Lows Sunday morning will be in the teens with wind chills near zero.  The wind does stick around enough to keep our feels like temps in the 20s Sunday afternoon, even with highs in the 30s and sunshine. 

10-day outlook

Next week brings us gorgeous spring weather! The snow doesn’t stick around long, with highs in the 50s or low 60s through at least St. Patrick’s Day and plenty of dry weather. 

A minor system brings a chance for light rain Tuesday overnight, but no other systems head our way until perhaps the next weekend.  We will enjoy some beautiful sunsets approaching 7 p.m. next week as we spring forward one hour Sunday morning at 2 a.m. 

When you change your clocks it’s also a good time to change your smoke detector batteries, carbon monoxide detector batteries, and weather radio batteries.  We stay warmer than normal going into next weekend and possibly beyond. 

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