Fisher Cat Attacks Dog in Centerville Backyard

The puppy, "Lucky," was dragged by the neck to a neighbor's backyard before being released

dog attacked fisher cat
Courtesy of Kim McAllister

A fisher cat attacked a dog in the backyard of a home in Centerville, Massachusetts, on Wednesday night, leaving the canine severely hurt but alive, according to the owner.

The puppy, named “Lucky,” was grabbed by the neck and dragged by the fisher cat to a neighbor’s yard nearby. The owner, Kim McAllister, has an electric fence around her yard and believes the shock administered led the animal to drop the dog.

Lucky needed surgery to recover from his wounds but has made it home and is recovering with drainage tubes in his neck.

dog attacked fisher cat
Courtesy of Kim McAllister
A dog in Centerville, Massachusetts, was attacked in his backyard by a fisher cat, according to his owner, on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021.

It is not clear whether the attacking animal had rabies.

According to Rob Halpin, the director of communications at the MSPCA, attacks by fisher cats are very rare, but can happen.

“Unfortunately we keep creeping and advancing into natural spaces, leaving so little space for wildlife to find food, nest, protect their young, etc.,” Halpin said.

"Hope the pup is okay, and I hope it doesn’t prompt a deluge of people wanting to kill the fisher cats."

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