Flaming Cocktail at Popular Boston Restaurant Leaves Tourist Burned

A flaming cocktail at a popular restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown recently left a 24-year old woman burned.

“I heard a noise and then the next thing I saw were blue flames on my face and then I realized I was on fire,” the woman said to NBC exclusively.

NBC Boston is not revealing the name of the special education teacher from the Chicago area.

The incident happened at Crave Mad for Chicken on Kneeland Street in May.

The woman was in Boston for a bachelorette party and at the restaurant with three friends. They decided to share a “Crave on Fire”.

According to the woman, the specialty cocktail is a mix of rum, whiskey and liqueur where three glasses are stacked as a tower and the alcohol is set on fire while customers drink from a bowl of alcohol at the bottom.

“What they do is they pour alcohol on it and they light it on fire so the whole tower of glasses is on fire and they encourage you to chug the drink while they pour the alcohol down the glasses,” the victim said.

She said she suddenly felt herself on fire.

“I threw my shirt over my face and rolled on the ground and from there it was just a lot of chaos. I put myself out and people poured water on me,” she recalled.

She was taken to Mass General Hospital Hospital with burns on her face, neck and chest.

The owners of the restaurant appeared before the city licensing board on Tuesday.

They were cited for not have a permit to light drinks on fire and unsafe serving of alcohol.

The woman is still recovering, as the accident left her badly hurt and with so many questions.

“You just wonder, what did I do to deserve this? Why did this happen to me?”

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