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Flash Floods, Coastal Flooding to Drench Area

What to Know

  • Bursts of heavy rain may produce very quick totals on the order of 1-3 inches
  • Localized flooding is possible in Southern New England
  • Minor coastal flooding is possible each of the next couple of nights around midnight

A flash flood watch is in effect for parts of Western and Central Massachusetts, as well as Connecticut, with rounds of rain ahead this weekend.

Both weekend days will be similarly hard to plan for. The weather won’t be very dependable, meaning showers and periods of rain will be moving around somewhat at random.

Areas in far Northern New England, right near the U.S. border with Canada, will enjoy mostly dry weather with a fair amount of sunshine. Highs there will be in the 80s.

On the Cape and Islands we’ll see lots of clouds, but some breaks of sunshine, and only spotty showers. So while it won’t be the most beautiful beach weekend, it will be far from a washout. Temperatures will be in the 70s thanks to an east wind with humidity creeping back in.

The rest of New England will be mainly cloudy and occasionally wet. The rain will be most widespread in parts of Connecticut as well as in Central and Western Massachusetts, as we see it right now. There may be some localized flash flooding in those spots that are hit repeatedly by rain. Rainfall totals in those spots will reach 1-3 inches for some.

Many outdoor plans will still be able to continue, but it would be safest to have a backup plan inside or under cover in case rain passes by during your event.

Next week still looks more humid with temperatures in the 80s. Scattered storms will be around early in the week as well.

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