Flemmi Testifies in Trial of Fmr. Mobster Salemme

Tales of corruption, murder and crimes filled a federal courtroom in Boston as the trial of former mobster "Cadillac" Frank Salemme continued, Monday.

The jury heard from Salemme's former friend, Stephen "the Rifleman" Flemmi, for the fourth day of testimony. Flemmi is a key witness for the prosecution, testifying that he saw the murder of Steven DiSarro back in 1993.

But the defense has pushed back against the account, arguing Flemmi cannot be trusted.

"There’s a lot of material there. The ruses, the perjuries," said defense attorney, William Crowe.

Representing Salemme's co-defendant, Paul Weadick, Crowe argued that Flemmi has a lot to gain from his story. Convicted of ten murders, Flemmi struck a deal with the government to avoid the death penalty in two states where he committed the crimes.

"But for this plea bargain, you could have also done life in Oklahoma...you could have been put to death in Florida," Crowe said in court. "Both of them had death penalties. You avoided those death penalties."

Prosecutors allege Weadick held DiSarro's legs while Salemme’s now deceased son strangled the man in Salemme's home. Flemmi has claimed that he walked in on the crime while paying an unexpected visit to the home.


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During the hours long cross examination, Crowe touched Flemmi’s close relationship with James "Whitey" Bulger, as well as inconsistencies Crowe argued are apparent in Flemmi's story, including his ability to identify Weadick.

"Had you ever socialized with Paul Weadick?" Crowe asked.

"No," Flemmi responded. "I had never met him."

Flemmi will return to the stand Tuesday for more questions from prosecutors.

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