Floating Art Turning Heads in Boston's Fort Point Section

An eye-catching art installation is now on display in Boston's Fort Point section, and it has people talking about the meaning of what is floating in the water.

The group of orange colored figures float in the channel with inner tubes to represent the global migration and refugee crisis.

"Each one of the figures actually represents almost 1 million refugees worldwide looking for a safe harbor," Emily O'Neil of the Fort Point Arts Community said. "It also represents Boston being a safe haven to immigrants."

It is called "SOS," which stands for "Safety Orange Swimmers." The figures are painted the same orange color used in life vests.

"I feel like it is very pertinent in this election, and I think it makes a statement," said Claire Kearn, who stopped to check out the art.

The art has no political ties, but is meant to be a conversation piece. It was created by two local artists, Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier, and made possible through the Fort Point Arts Community Floating Art Program.

It was selected out of 16 submissions to be on display in Fort Point and will be there for as long as the weather allows.

"It could be that it'll be an even more compelling visual experience for the public to see these figures covered in snow. It is entirely possible that it could survive that," O'Neil said.

They are encouraging those who see the art to talk about their experience on social media using the hashtag #SOSswimmers.

They are also asking people to come see it during the Fort Point Arts Community Open Studios this weekend.

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