Flooding Causes Significant Damage at Norwood Hospital, Throughout Town

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The flooding that closed Norwood Hospital caused significant damage across the Massachusetts town Sunday night.

New video shows the moments after the flooding began. A worker for a private electric company walks through the hospital to survey damage, and the mess is substantial.

Other photos show chairs all moved from the floodwaters, and what appears to be a cafeteria destroyed.

"It looked like something out of the Titanic," said one worker.

The hospital initially evacuated a few dozen patients from its ICU and ER Sunday after water rushed inside, knocking out phones and computers.

Major flooding forced Norwood Hospital to close temporarily Monday.

By Monday morning, everyone was evacuated, including at least 100 patients.

Throughout Norwood, the streets turned into rivers.

Photos from the basement of Custom Art Framing and Gallery 9 in Norwood show the water level was about four feet high.

The owners of the framing and art shop say they don't have flood insurance. Everything in the basement, including the furnace, miter saw, and other personal items, were all lost.

For many businesses, it's another setback after just reopening from the pandemic.

"We were just kind of getting our wind back, and this," said owner Nick Vecchio. "Feeling a little beaten up, to say the least."

As for Norwood Hospital, the evacuated patients are staging at other hospitals.

It's still not clear why the hospital flooded, or when it will reopen.

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