Florida Man Indicted for Cyberstalking Massachusetts Woman

A Florida man is facing federal cyberstalking charges after authorities say he targeted his former classmate who is now a Massachusetts resident.

Byron Cardozo, 34, of Jacksonville and Boca Raton, Florida, was indicted Thursday on one count of cyberstalking and one count of making interstate threats, according to United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling.

According to the indictment, Cardozo began cyberstalking and making threats towards the 30-year-old victim in February 2017 after she published an essay in an online magazine. The essay allegedly described a sexual encounter she had with Cardozo when she was 13-years-old and he was 17-years-old while they attended high school together in Florida.

Cardozo allegedly posted hundreds of online messages, many in the comments section of the victim's essay, accusing the victim of fabrication. At times, Cardozo allegedly made threats to injure the victim while at other times asked for forgiveness and expressed his love for her.

The indictment stated that Cardozo also threated to commit suicide because of the victim's essay.

The victim in the case has not been named.

Cardozo was detained following an initial appearance in the Southern District of Florida. He will be transported to Boston at a later date to answer to the charges. It's unclear if he has an attorney.

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