Food Truck Friday: Chinese Food, With an American Twist

Mei Mei Street Kitchen is a food truck that serves up Chinese food with an American twist

Mei Mei Street Kitchen is a food truck that serves up Chinese food with an American twist.

“On the food truck we serve scallion pancakes sandwiches, as well as market bowls, which are basically hearty salads. That’s really how we love to eat – just lots of good stuff in a bowl with some awesome sauce on top of it," Irene Li, Mei Mei co-founder and co-owner, said.

Li, her brother Andrew and her sister Margaret opened the food truck in April 2012. A restaurant located at 506 Park Drive in Boston opened up the following year.

“We opened the truck in 2012 when the city program was just sort of starting out. My brother’s background is in fine dining in the front of the house and my sister and I were both avid home cooks, as well as farm volunteers. So when he had the idea to open a food truck, we all moved home together. We started shopping for a truck, looking at people to build it out and eventually we got on the road,” Li said.

Their signature sandwich, “The Double Awesome,” is a scallion pancake with two oozy eggs, cheddar and pesto. You can also have meat added to it if you want.

Salads like the “Lil Kim Chi” have vegan kim chi and Hei Wa tofu, while the “Chorizard” features spiced chorizo.

The food is locally-sourced and features humanely-raised meats.

“One of our menu’s unique qualities is that all of our meats come from farm where the animals are pasture-raised, meaning that they live at least a big portion of their lives outside. We’ve been involved in animal husbandry, slaughter and butchering, and we think that’s really important to a healthy food system,” Li said.

Mei Mei’s food isn’t just limited to their restaurant and truck.

“In the summer we do dozens of wedding, birthday parties and those are just super fun. We get to travel all around Massachusetts, so we’re hoping to keep doing lots of that,” Li said.

Hungry? Here's where to find the Mei Mei Food truck.

Tuesday: Dewey Square at South Station, 11:30am-2:30pm

Wednesday: Kendall Square at 3rd St & Binney St, 11:30am-2:30pm

Thursday: Boston Public Library on Boylston St, 11:30am-2:30pm

Friday: Dewey Square at South Station, 11:30am-2:30pm

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