Food Truck Owner Goes Viral for Giving Homeless Man a Meal

Bill McAllister of Billy Bear Catering said the recognition for his good deed on a Cambridge street has been humbling

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A food truck owner's actions captured the hearts of the internet when he was seen giving a homeless man a meal at a red light in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bill McAllister of Billy Bear Catering was driving his food truck when he got out of his vehicle at a red light and offered a meal to a homeless man, according to Facebook user Rob Wistrom.

“Faith in humanity restored,” Wistrom said in his post from Monday, which has been shared more than 8,000 times in five days.

McAllister gave the man on Monsignor Highway a chicken pie and a drink. He said he often gives out food like this, but it hasn’t gone noticed until that Facebook post went viral. He called the recognition he's gotten a humbling experience.

“It’s something that myself and all the canteen guys do every day, but never get caught,” McAllister told NBC10 Boston in an email. “I am tremendously honored that people from all over the world are thanking me for such a small act of kindness. I’m hoping this impacts enough people to keep paying it forward.”

McAllister, who has been making stops in Somerville and Cambridge for more than 30 years, said the viral post is getting him some recognition.

"People are beeping, 'you're the Facebook guy! You're the food guy. You did a great thing,'" McAllister said Friday when NBC10 Boston caught up with him.

His regular customers said they aren't at all surprised by his good deed.

"He did definitely restore my faith. So much negativity in the world. It's nice to see something good," customer Larry Cardone said.

While McAllister said his gesture wasn't for fame, he hopes anyone who hears his story will be inspired to give back.

"That would be my wish for Christmas is that people pay it forward and feed a homeless person or person in need. Whoever it may be, don't judge just do it," McAllister said.

McAllister has been able to connect with Wistrom, who originally took the photo. Since Wistrom works for a graphic design company, he said they are planning to make something for his food truck to commemorate his act of kindness.

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