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Husband of Senate President Stan Rosenberg Allegedly Given Access to Emails Despite Firewall Promise

Massachusetts' embattled senate president is facing new accusations about his husband's level of access, despite repeatedly saying there was a firewall to prevent his husband from gaining influence.

Sources tell the Boston Globe that Bryon Hefner was "deeply involved" in Senate business that Stan Rosenberg said he wouldn't have access to, including access to Rosenberg's emails, contacts, and calendar.

Hefner also allegedly tried to affect the state budget and tried to insert himself into the dealings of Rosenberg's office.

"He would boast about it, to show his power and influence over the operations of the Senate, and more importantly, over the Senate president," one source who works on Beacon Hill told the Globe's Yvonne Abraham.

Rosenberg denied allegations of any influence by Bryon Hefner over the senate. "I did not allow Bryon Hefner to influence my actions and decisions as Senate President, or to influence the Senate’s actions and decisions, despite any suggestions to the contrary," said Rosenberg, "I continue to rely on the Senate Ethics Committee investigation to determine all the facts, and I look forward to its completion.”

Rosenberg and Hefner have since separated after the Globe reported in November that Hefner was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing at least four men with ties to the Statehouse in recent years.

Rosenberg, a Democrat from Amherst, has stepped aside from the Senate presidency amid the ongoing investigation.

Both Rosenberg and Hefner declined to comment on Sunday's report.

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