Four-Season Patio, Cider, Wine: Here's What's Coming to Dorchester Brewing

As all other locations start closing off their patios to prepare for the bitter cold, Dorchester Brewing Company will unveil its rooftop deck and temperature-controlled glass beer hall. They hoped to have the renovations done by their Oktoberfest celebration but there was a hiccup in production.

So when can you expect to lounge by a fire, and take in the view? Drumroll, please... it’ll be ready in time for what Matt Malloy, co-founder, and CEO of Dorchester Brewing called “the world’s best New Year’s Eve party.”

The official unveiling date is still unclear but Malloy said they’ll be ready in the back half of December. “We hope it turns Dorchester into even more of a destination, because where else can you get this?”

The outdoor renovation means expanding the indoor taproom from 2,000 to 6,000 square feet too. Once they’re back into the swing of things they hope local musicians will take advantage of the space.

“We want this to be a place where young bands can come and play and have some of their first performance experiences. We’re after supporting local artists,” said Malloy.

For all the gluten-free people who haven’t been able to experience Dorchester Brewing before, your chance is on the December horizon too. Dorchester Brewing has already nailed down a local cider partner and will eventually brew it themselves. If cider isn’t your cup of tea, not a worry, they’re also in the
midst of locking down a boutique winery partnership too.

The wine order has been a hard one to fill. Prospective partners worry about the sheer volume this 400-450 person space would call for.

“For us, it’s about quality though," Malloy said. We want to help someone get through that growth stage. Our whole fundamental business is built on helping other people succeed.”

Dorchester Brewing broke ground on this expansion in April, but it’s been on Malloy’s mind since the very beginning. Before they invested in getting even bigger, he said, “We wanted to see if people would come
to a Dorchester Brewery and the answer is, HELL yes, in a very big way.”

The residents of Dorchester know the neighborhood is changing and with respect to how that progression will go, he said.

“Would I rather have Starbucks set the trend, or would I rather have somebody who cares and loves Dorchester set the trend? That’s why we’re trying to do this, to say this is what Dorchester can be: multicultural, approachable, and that there’s something for everyone.”

Malloy added, “Living in Dorchester, I want to give back and this is the way I get to do that, by creating this really wonderful experience for people.”

For the official outdoor-taproom grand opening date and partnership announcements, be sure to follow Dorchester Brewing on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.

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