Four Teens Arrested After Launching Fireworks in Downtown Boston

During the arrest, an unexploded firework was found in the possession of one of the suspects

Boston Police

Four teens were arrested in Boston on Friday afternoon after allegedly launching fireworks in the areas of Downtown Crossing and Washington Street.

Officers first responded to reports of a large explosion by Summer Street and Arch Street in downtown Boston, where several witnesses claimed to have seen four teens igniting an unknown device at the crosswalk of an intersection.

As officers investigated the crosswalk, they heard an explosion coming from the area of Downtown Crossing.

Arriving at 335 Washington St., the officers found firework debris in the street. Witnesses at the scene notified the officers that four teenagers had utilized a black cylinder to launch the fireworks, and after fleeing the scene entered a local business.

After entering the business, the officers found four teenagers matching the description of the witnesses, and found the black cylinder mentioned by the witnesses in a backpack of one of the suspects.

The suspect was placed in custody after a brief struggle, while at the same time the officers discovered an unexploded firework from the suspect's person.

The 16-year-old suspect will appear in Boston Municipal Juvenile Court on charges of delinquent to wit: throwing, secreting, launching or placing an incendiary device.

The three remaining suspects were identified on scene and will be summonsed to appear on the same charges.

Members of the Boston Police Department Explosive Ordnance Unit were called to take custody of the unexploded firework.

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