Fox Being Tested for Rabies After 2 Attacked in Hudson

NBC Universal, Inc.

A fox is being tested for rabies after two people were attacked in Hudson, Massachusetts.

Police say the two fox attacks happened an hour and a half apart Tuesday evening near Lake Boon.

Nearby, a fox was found Wednesday morning after being hit by a car. That fox is being tested, but officials have not determined if it's the same animal.

One of the women who were attacked says the fox went after her and her dog, latching onto her ankle as she was cleaning out the car. She called the incident "traumatizing."

"My wife and I were sitting on the back deck last night and we heard some screaming for help," said Dan Sutherland, who lives in the area. "About an hour after that, my neighbor across the street was attacked, bitten by a fox."

The woman who spoke to NBC10 Boston after being attacked says she is getting rabies shots. Her dog is OK, but needed antibiotics and painkillers.

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