Man Arrested on Murder Charges in Killing of Father, Son in Framingham

A bullet believed to have come from the shooting was found to have hit a wall near where a 4-year-old child and a teenager were sleeping, authorities said.

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Authorities have been investigating a double shooting that left a man and his son dead over the weekend in Framingham, Massachusetts, and they announced Tuesday that a man was arrested on suspicion of killing them.

James "Manny" Wade, 45, and his 24-year-old son James Wade were killed in what appears to be an ambush by Aneudy Delgado Torres, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said.

The victims were more like brothers, and they were always together.

"I'm really trying to stay strong for James' siblings because they're taking it hard," said the younger Wade's mother, Yolanda Ellison. "They lost a dad and a big brother."

Delgado Torres, 39, was arrested on two murder charges in the shooting, which took place near Second Street and Beaver Terrace Circle at late Friday night.

Investigators now believe the Wades were meeting up with Delgado Torres and others at the location of the shooting when Delgado Torres opened fire on the Wades "suddenly, and without any conversation having taken place," Ryan said.

Additionally, Ryan said Tuesday, a bullet believed to have come from the shooting was found to have burst through door and ricocheted into a wall near where a 4-year-old child and a teenager were sleeping.

"The worst news you ever want to hear," Ellison said. "Your son got shot."

A gun was recovered at the scene, according to Ryan.

A double shooting in Framingham has left two men dead, according to police.

Police had said the two men were shot around 11:30 p.m. on Second Street.

The son was pronounced dead at the scene while his father was pronounced dead at MetroWest Medical Center. Both were found to have died of gunshot wounds.

Investigators have not revealed any motive for the crime, but they say the parking lot is a known place for drug deals and that there has been competition between rival drug dealers for control.

But members of the Wades' family say the father and son were likely there to visit family and friends who live in the building, dismissing any connection to drugs and saying both men have good jobs — Manny was a cook at Boston University, and his son worked in utilities at MIT.

Delgado Torres was arrested Tuesday at a hotel in Marlboro and will face the charges against him, which also include gun-related charges, in Framingham District Court on Wednesday, Ryan said. It wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney.

Family members are baffled by the circumstances of the shooting, but grateful for the arrest.

"It was a relief," said Gail Ritter, the sister of Manny Wade. "I was happy, I started crying."

Thanking his police and investigators, Framingham police Chief Steven Trask also noted at Tuesday's news conference that "it's been very stressful several days" for the community where the shooting took place.

A person who lives near the shooting told NBC10 Boston that it was somewhat unusual for the area, but added he's had some concerns about his safety due to increased foot traffic at certain times of day.

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