Spicer Elected 1st Mayor of Framingham

Yvonne Spicer won the race with about 58 percent of the vote over former state representative John Stefanini

The residents of Framingham, Massachusetts have elected the first mayor in their municipality's history.

Yvonne Spicer, an executive at the Boston Museum of Science, declared victory over former state representative and selectman John Stefanini around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Spicer received 9,128 votes to Stefanini's 6,455, winning with about 58 percent of the vote.

Calling the historic election "incredible," Spicer thanked her supporters and campaign volunteers after a ceremonial walk up the front steps of Town Hall.

"I will do my part as your mayor to make sure we're thriving in our community," Spicer said.

With a turnout of about 39 percent, Tuesday's race was the first mayoral election since Framingham residents voted to make their town a city.

"I felt confident," Spicer said. "I felt good, I felt positive about our campaign."

Spicer's main focus during the campaign was economic development, education, and maintaining open spaces.

"They want to know what projects we're working on, they want to see who is responsible and the timelines for things," she said Monday while stumping for votes. "So that's part of why I’m working on a strategic plan and that is transparent in the community."

Stefanini had said he planned to tackle problems that include underperforming schools, vacant shopping plazas and the transition from town to city.

"I have pledged to voters that I will do everything in my power each and every day to ensure that the fears of those voters who voted 'no' are never realized... and the hopes and aspirations of those who voted 'yes' are fully realized," Stefanini said Monday while campaigning.

After decades as New England's largest town, residents voted in April to adopt a city charter allowing the election of a mayor.

Some residents, like Hao Pan, said they are still upset that Framingham will no longer be a town.

"Once it becomes a city, there’s going to be a mayor and more politicians," Pan said. "I don't know how people’s opinions are going to be heard."

Spicer will begin her four-year term on Jan. 1. In addition, 11 new city council members and nine school committee members were elected who will each serve for two years.

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