Framingham State University Asks FBI to Help Investigate Series of Racist Notes Found on Campus

A Massachusetts university has asked the FBI to help investigate a series of racist notes left on campus.

The most recent message was found Friday by Framingham State University freshman Carlos Barbosa Jr.

The 18-year-old says the note was slipped under his door around midnight, and that it's the second racist note he's found this year.

FSU's president had a strong message for the culprit in his latest email to the campus community saying in part, "You do not share our community's values. You do not belong at FSU."

"I'm not worried with catching the person," said Barbosa Jr. "I'm more worried about addressing the issue and why the person felt they were enabled."

Since October, several messages with racial slurs targeting black students have been found on campus. The FBI is now analyzing the handwriting to see if they are connected.

Barbosa Jr. and other students say it's about time the school takes action. 

"It seemed like the school was being pretty passive about it so I'm glad the FBI is now involved," said sophomore Marie Phanord.

"Everybody is just kind of sick of it," Rendly Desair said.

"It's sad obviously," said student Zachary Dumay. "Just means campus isn't a safe place for everybody."

"It's crazy that racism still exists," Aidan Estrella said. "And the fact that it's happening in our own living space"

Barbosa Jr. says he wants change and his immediate focus is trying to start a deeper dialogue between school leaders and students on how to end racism on campus.

"We've been seeing a lot of people protesting trying to make everything right and hopefully it can be in the future soon," he said.

The school's president has asked the entire university to come together Wednesday afternoon for a healing service.

To improve safety, the school is adding additional security cameras on campus, including at student residences.

Anti-bias training for staff and police is scheduled for next week.

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