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From Frigid to Fifty

Cold that makes your body tense and your face grimace.

We're no strangers to frigid days, but if there's any saving grace in this current blast of arctic air, it's the lack of a driving wind.

Sure, the breezes still sting, but they sure beat gusts to 30-40 mph like we had last month. And the sun is helping...even if it is like a weak flashlight in the sky during these winter months.

And for those that can't stand the thought of anything below 20 degrees, the warm air is already on the move. It should arrive in time for Wednesday, but the cold air isn't easily cast aside.

Might be some light icing and/or snowshowers as the warm front scoots through on Tuesday evening. Most of the slick travel will be confined to points around Greater Worcester and into Southern NH, but we might see a skim coating even closer to the city as a batch of precipitation moves through.

Midweek we'll hit paydirt with highs nearing 50 and in the low (maybe a few mid) 50s on Thursday. The pattern is marked by weak, fast-moving weather systems, so the 10 day is a mess. Hard to get a handle on timing this far out, but we'll stay vigilant.

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