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From Sizzling to Seasonable


Heat was unrelenting today under blazing sun (there's a reason why May is part of the "solar summer"). Temperatures soared well into the 90s area wide. Boston tied its record high by late morning, and went on to crush the record of 91 by four degrees. Even through the afternoon, we revisited the mid 90s twice as the winds turned and clouds wafted in and out.

The searing heat is over for now. We will cool back to reality by the weekend, but before we get there, another 80+ day is in order tomorrow.

A cool front is slicing through Western New England with attendant storms. Some of those may survive the trip into the area just after midnight, but they will be greatly weakened since they are running way out ahead of the cool front (their source for sustained lift/development). Tomorrow the thunder threat will focus across Southeastern Massachusetts. But here too, the threat is small and so are the storms - perhaps just the size of the city of New Bedford.

After the front clears, cooler air settles in. 60s this weekend will only be outshined (nod to the late, great Chris Cornell there) by the wall-to-wall sunshine. Temps more in line with what's normal for this time of year: 60s with steady onshore winds. 70s should return Sunday for towns and cities away from the coast.

Little unsettled next week with a possible rain "event" by late Wednesday and Thursday. Holiday weekend isn't completely in view, and there's plenty of time to sort out the details, but it's likely we WON'T be sweltering.

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