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Frozen Pipes Leave Homes Feeling Like Ice Boxes

The cold snap has left him with frozen and burst pipes.

Mike Kelley’s home has felt like an ice box for weeks.

“I’m going insane now just from the last few weeks but if I had to do another day of it I think I’d just be running outside,” Kelley told NBC 10 Boston.

He probably wouldn’t feel much of a difference. Inside his home, temperatures were as low as 45 degrees.

Kelley called Milltown Plumbing and Heating to try and get his home back warm again.

“We’re going to have to get into areas with heat guns and try and thaw it out and get a flow through it,” Kevin Lausier said.

This is a common issue that occurs when cold weather sits in. The Boston area is dealing with another phase of low temps and the calls are coming in to fix heating systems around Merrimack Valley.

“If you do have frozen pipes, if you do have no heat, if you do have to leave your home, please make sure that your water is off because if something does let go, you’re going to come home to a flood," Fred Webster of Milltown Plumbing and Heating, told NBC 10 Boston.

Amy Woo knows about having a cold home. She’s bundled up inside her home after her furnace went out overnight.

'“Lucky to have friends in the neighborhood and family around. I said to Dad, "Celtics are on, Bruins are on. I’ll bring in a pizza and stay warm,”' Woo said.

With a change of a wire, her heat kicked back in.

“How’s that for a happy ending?” Woo said. 

One thing you may want to start doing in your home is making sure your temperature is hitting at at-least 68 degrees. That will help prevent your pipes from freezing and and not even burst in these cold temperatures.

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