Ashmont Station

Frozen-Shrimp Seller Punched, Robbed at MBTA Station: Transit Police

The victim was trying to sell $10 bags of frozen shrimp on a Red Line train late Wednesday

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A man has been arrested and charged with attempted unarmed robbery after allegedly assaulting and stealing from a man selling bags of frozen shrimp on a Red Line train Wednesday night, authorities said.

The victim was trying to sell $10 bags of frozen shrimp to fellow passengers on a Red Line train heading from JFK Station to Ashmont after 9 p.m. Wednesday, according to police. He thought he had found a customer, who told the seller he would take them all.

Rather than buying them, the victim says the man — later identified by police as Eduardo Castro, 22, of Dorchester — punched the him in the face and attempted to take the bags.


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In Ashmont Station, the victim attracted the attention of transit police, running up an escalator and yelling he had been robbed. When officers met him, the victim pointed out Castro, who was still in the station.

Castro first gave police a fake name when they approached him, then ran away from them. Officers chased and captured him, placing him under arrest.

He has been charged with allegedly attempted unarmed robbery and resisting arrest, according to MBTA Transit Police in a release Saturday.

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