Funeral Held for Massachusetts Couple Killed in NH Crash

Lakeville residents, Edward and Jo-Ann Corr, were on their way to a fundraiser when they were among 7 people killed in the tragic June 21 crash

Family and friends gathered Tuesday in Middleboro, Massachusetts, for the funeral of two victims of a tragic motorcycle crash in Randolph, New Hampshire last month.   

Edward and Jo-Ann Corr, of Lakeville, were on their way to a fundraiser June 21 when the crash occurred.

"Our hearts go out to the friends and families of those who have been lost," said Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

Vlodymyr Zhukovskyy, the driver of the truck that crashed into the Corr’s and five other bikers, has been charged with seven counts of negligent homicide. It isn't Zhukovskyy's first run in with the law, though. In 2013, he was arrested on OUI charges in Westfield, Massachusetts. And last month he was arrested on OUI charges again in Connecticut.

Despite multiple OUIs, and a warning from Connecticut officials, Zhukovskyy never had his commercial license revoked and was able to continue driving in Massachusetts.

As loved one mourn the couple, the state is now scrambling to review and make changes to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Yesterday, Baker along with other state officials vowed to examine the RMV’s state-to-state data sharing that should've led to the termination of Zhukovskyy's commercial license.

"The fact that the Massachusetts Registry of motor vehicles failed to act on information related to the driver responsible for this is deeply troubling and completely unacceptable," said Baker.

Officials admitted that out of state notifications, like the one they received regarding Zhukovskyy, have been ignored in many cases. When it comes to regular driver's licenses, these notifications haven't even been looked at since March 2018.

In addition to their own review, the state has also hired an independent auditor to take a look at RMV operations.

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