Garbage Truck Knocks Out Power to Police Station After Bringing Down Power Lines, Utility Poles in Milford

A Massachusetts police department expects to be operating on generator power for the remainder of Wednesday after a garbage truck brought down power lines and utility poles in front of the station.

Milford police said the truck hooked the power lines in front of the Main Street station earlier in the day, which then brought down several poles.

Authorities said the truck is sitting in front of the station due to being trapped by the downed wires.

The crash shut down traffic on Franklin Street, impacting residents on that street.

"I can't even get to my house right now," said Christopher Robert-Hernandez. "I see all the cars, the way they're blocked. I can't get to my house."

The downed power lines also caused Milford Federal, the bank next to the police station, to run on generator power, forcing it to shut down its parking lot. This left customers looking for new places to park.

Dispatch operations is working off generator power, according to police. The power loss appears to be limited to the police station.

Utility crews are on scene but repairs are expected to take the remainder of the day.

Damage is estimated at $100,000. Crews expect to be done cleaning up the mess by Thursday morning.

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