Get Summer Body Ready in Southie!

As I totter around the Boston Athletic Club with my 2.5 pound weights, I’m always impressed by the professional exercisers. They’re hoisting heavy things over their head and enthusiastically doing that thing with the ropes like we’re in middle school gym class. I am… not that person. My attendance at the gym is spotty when it’s cold, yet somehow it’s already April. If, like me, you’ve procrastinated thus far, here are some super-local opportunities to safely and smartly get ready for the infamous #Southie summer.

Find Exercises You Don’t Hate
There are lots of places to exercise here. One of the largest, the BAC, just opened a new gym extension. In the evening, stop by the front desk to do free 15-30 minute group sessions with trainers to get exposure to new equipment and exercises. You can sign up for baseline testing, recalculated every six weeks to track progress. C2 Body co-owner Carolyn Stuart recommends their stretching class to re-lengthen your muscles for injury prevention and a focus on whole-body health. Their pilates will help perfect form and posture. Check out their Instagram and website for specials every month like new high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in addition to their core cardio classes. Simply Barre, which is low-impact and appropriate for nearly all ages, has a $79 special for new clients for an unlimited first month. A new Spring Refresh special’s just come out on Gilt: four classes for $45, eight classes for $89, or a full month for $119 for new clients or existing clients who haven’t stopped by in a few months. The new Yoga at FoMu will help you capitalize on the trend to exercise at the place you’re planning on splurging after. Need something free? If you’re a runner, there’s the Nike Run Club app or local Stephi’s Run Club. Watch the Southie Community Board for exercise opportunities.

Get Some Healthy Eats
The new Shredded has been getting stellar reviews, but you can find ways to eat healthy at the majority of Southie restaurants. Find out more about your local eateries at Taste of South Boston. Doing a formal dieting program can help, in moderation and with the right guidance from a nutritionist, but watch out for fads. Can’t afford a nutritionist? Plenty have blogs with insight and advice, including Nutrition Diva and Toby Amidor. If you need personalized insight about eating healthy in and out of the house, apps can steer you towards healthy options. ShopWell and Fooducate help with individual eating plans and meal tracking. SimpleSteps is an app to help you form better long-lasting habits one at a time, and there’s food insight there too. Just Add Cooking is the only meal kit service that’s sourced from totally local food. Local grocery services Peapod and Amazon Fresh let you shop for food online so that you’re less tempted to buy unplanned treats.

Head to the Party
When that body be bangin’, you gotta show it off. New waterfront spot Chickadee is scheduled to open later this year. Creole restaurant and bar Bootleg Special and Southern comfort food spot Southern Proper just opened in the South End, with a new Japanese restaurant apparently coming soon. The modern, trendy lounge at the new AC Hotel Boston Downtown is generating buzz too. Of course, some of the best places will be old favorites nearby. Check out classic cocktails like the Nitro Draft Espresso Martini at The Broadway and mimosa flights at Worden Hall. Then be ready to try new flavors like Lincoln’s crazy-popular Dracarys in partnership with Juice Box, which they’ve now added to their permanent menu. There’s also nothing wrong with snagging a 12 pack from Dorgan’s. Just please don’t throw empty cans in our yard; we have a lovely collection going already.
Good luck! When in doubt, I’ll just paraphrase the inimitable Heather Foley: avoid the scale. Just try the best you can, stay healthy, and then get out there.

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