Getting Ready for Halloween in Witch City

There were some witches out Friday night in Salem, Massachusetts, but it was a slow start to the Witch City's annual extravaganza.

"It's a little windy, it's a little chilly, but nothing that's going to stop us from doing what we want to do," said Julie Minogue, who's visiting from New Jersey. "It's always been a dream to come here and check it out ... I'm happy to be here."

The weather kept the crowds smaller than a traditional Friday night on a Halloween weekend, but Salem Police estimate some 200,000 people will in the downtown area through Monday.

"Halloween in Salem is like everything you would expect," said Scarrie Sinsation, who works at The Magic Parlor. "So don't go out at night, lock your doors."

Police will keep a close eye on all the action, making sure everyone celebrates safely in the city known for its month-long Halloween traditions.

On Halloween night, downtown Salem will be divided up into five sectors, each with its own command staff and team of officers according to Salem Police Captain Conrad Prosniewski.

Despite only six arrests last year, police are not taking any chances.

"I think for the most part people are here to enjoy themselves," said visitor Susan Dushinski. "But like everything else, you're probably going to have maybe one or two that want to act up and they'll take care of them."

Salem Police say if you do dress up, don't make the costume too authentic. Weapons like swords and knives will be confiscated.

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