Ghost Town? A ‘Not Haunted' House Hits the Market in Boston Area

For Sale House Sign
Bob Hansen

A Massachusetts woman noticed something strange about the "For Sale" sign outside a home in her neighborhood.

On top of the sign with the name of the broker and their contact information was a sign with the words "Not Haunted" in big red letters.

"This just went up around the corner and I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS," Margot Bloomstein wrote in a tweet this week that included an image of the sign, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

The house is west of Boston but Bloomstein didn't want to say exactly where to respect the homeowner's privacy, she said. But she reached out to the real estate agency to learn more about the sign.

They knew nothing about it either.

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The consensus is that the sign is a prank — maybe played by a ghost with a sense of humor.

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