Glass Panels Fall From Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Block Parking Garage

Brigham and Women's Hospital provided patients and employees with alternate transportation home

The stormy weather Thursday caused glass panels to fall at a hospital in Boston, creating a crazy day for patients and employees who wanted to get home.

High winds caused several glass panels to fall from a patio section on the third floor of a Brigham and Women's building, crashing down right in front of the hospital's parking garage around 3 p.m., officials said.

There were no reported injuries.

"It has been pretty crazy since we arrived here," one woman said. "It pretty much just happened after we came into the garage."

The 60 Fenwood Road parking garage was closed following the incident, creating a major inconvenience for those trying to get home.

"Nobody is allowed to remove their cars for this evening so everybody is getting Lyft and cabs and everything else you can possibly think of to get back to their house."

The hospital was providing patients and employees who were parked in the garage with alternate transportation or accommodations. 

Those patients were huddling from the rain while waiting for rides.

Several patients we spoke to say the Brigham has been great, calling dozens of Ubers and Lyfts to get them rides home, some as far away as Cape Cod.

Patients say they were told to take a cab back to the hospital on Friday to pick up their cars.

Late Thursday night, crews were still cleaning up. A massive crane was brought in to pick up the damaged glass panels. The garage was expected to open back up around midnight.

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